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BAW_A1a After a sudden car accident on her first day of school, the protagonist finds herself in the afterlife, standing before a strange school for lost souls. It is said that here, at NEVAEH Academy, any student who behaves and follows the rules will be able to graduate and start their life anew. After a man wearing a rabbit head informs her of her untimely demise, the confounded protagonist attends the school's opening ceremony. And then, suddenly—a loud blast tears through the auditorium. At that moment, a war breaks out between the Bad Apples, a group of delinquent students opposing the academy, and the Prefects, sworn enforcers of the school rules. In the midst of the chaos, the protagonist comes across a red-haired young man. Without a shred of hesitation in his voice, he reaches his hand out and asks her: "Do you want to live?"
Forbidden Apple
One of the school's seven unbreakable rules is "You must never taste the apple forbidden. Those who do shall see only expulsion as their reward." It is both NEVAEH Academy's biggest mystery and greatest taboo. The Bad Apples suspect that getting expelled from school might mean being brought back to life, and so they search tirelessly for clues as to the forbidden apple's whereabouts.
NEVAEH Academy
A mysterious school proclaiming itself a waypoint in the afterlife, offering a second chance to lost souls that were never able to accomplish anything in their old lives.
Bad Apples
A group of delinquents who work tirelessly to break as many rules as possible. They call themselves the Bad Apples, and have broken a majority of the school's 108 rules, with only the seven "unbreakable rules" left to go.
The Prefects
A group of sworn enforcers of the school rules, run by volunteers, whose main duty is to crack down on the Bad Apples. They dress in specially-made uniforms, and hide their faces beneath masks. Students who are struck by a Prefect's weapon suffer a temporary but extreme depression, robbing them of their hopes and dreams.
Good Apples
Students who make an active effort to follow the school rules. Since the good apples all wear masks and the same school uniform, their style of speaking and physical frame all begin to blend together, making it difficult for others to tell them apart.
Mysterious beings in charge of running NEVAEH Academy. They hold bizarre, hopeless classes, manage school events, and usher transfer students around during the beginning of the school year. They delegate punishment of the Bad Apples almost entirely to the Prefects, and typically watch disputes between the two groups from the sidelines. They also keep their faces hidden beneath strange masks.
Soul Totems
Students typically have a special object called a Soul Totem with them when they are brought to the academy. Each Soul Totem has a special ability, and can be manipulated as its owner wishes. The Bad Apples make use of their Soul Totems in a variety of ways to break the school rules.

Flow of the Game
You will progress through the story as the protagonist, named Rinka by default. The flow of the narrative will be determined by the actions you take during the course of the game.

Enter Your Name
After making a certain amount of story progress, you can change the name of the protagonist to a different one consisting of up to 10 characters. If you keep the default name, characters will refer to you by it in voiced dialogue.

Quick Save/Load
Quick Save Press the L button during gameplay to temporarily save your progress. Quick Save data is overwritten by subsequent Quick Saves.
Quick Load Press the R button during gameplay to load data saved through Quick Save. This feature is unavailable for data that is not saved through Quick Save. This feature is also unavailable for data not created with Quick Save.

Previously-read text will be kept in the LOG. While viewing the LOG, use the up or down directional buttons to move between lines, and press the square button to return to the selected scene. There is a limit to how far back you can go.

Choosing a Side
You can choose whether to join the Prefects or the Bad Apples. The side you choose will affect which characters you will be able to pursue.

Map Screen
Select a point on the map to proceed with the story. Depending on the point chosen, you may be locked into pursuing certain characters.

Soul Touch System
As you progress through the story, a touch icon may appear in the upper-right corner of the screen from time to time. While this icon is displayed, you can progress the story by touching certain locations on displayed CG. There are several areas that respond to your touch; once they become unresponsive, try and touch other areas. As you become closer with the person displayed, you might see an effect in which part of his clothes become transparent as you touch. How and where you touch may determine the ending you receive with the displayed character, so pay close attention to his reactions while you touch him.

A visual representation of how far along you are in the story. You can jump into the game from any location you select. Viewing the FLOWCHART within the GALLERY is only for reminiscing on previously-viewed scenes. After finishing a scene, you will return to the FLOWCHART, so please be aware that you will not be able to progress the story in this mode.

  • CG: View unlocked CGs.
  • Movies: View opening and ending movies.
  • Music: Listen to the music used in the game.



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