Battle Basics
There are three different kinds of magic present in the game: red, blue, and green.

Each magic type has a Basic spell and a much more powerful Strong spell; alternate between the two depending on the situation to destroy all of those foolish enough to stand against you.

In addition, you will be able to learn a myriad of useful skills as you progress through the game. These abilities will help overcome even the most dire of situations!

Magus gameplay Magus gameplay
You can absorb magic from the colored gems and stones scattered throughout the world.

Once your powers are charged, you can go on the offensive. Basic magic spells do the least amount of damage to enemies, but do not use Mana.

Strong magic spells do significantly more damage than the Basic spells. While they do not use Mana either, these types of spells take longer to cast and have a cool down period before they can be used again.

Be sure to use your magic against any objects you may come across to uncover various types of useful items.

And be sure to make good use of any skills you have learned. Skills are capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage, let you move faster, or even teleport around the battle field. Be forewarned; the stronger the skill, the higher the Mana cost.

Magus gameplay Magus gameplay

Once you’ve accumulated the necessary experience points to gain a level, you can go to the Character Status to assign attribute points to increase various stats.

Also, be sure that you equip any items dropped by vanquished foes or found in various crates and urns to boost your base stats. In addition, you can modify equipment in your inventory using gems.

You can view a map of the area you’re in by accessing it from the Character Status screen. Also available is a mini map that you can view in the upper right corner of the screen during game play.

You may also adjust the difficulty at any time by adjusting the slider found within the Character Status screen.