About Gate Keepers, Inc.


What is Gate Keepers, Inc.?

You, as the protagonist, will start working part time at Gate Keepers, a publishing company focusing on the occult. Their headquarters is located in a dim office building in Shinjuku. Step inside, and their editorial department is awash in eerie occult items.

But being a publisher is just a front. Their true purpose is as a ghost dispatch service. They work on contract, taking ghost exorcism requests for a reward. The company is always on the lookout to hire talented employees who can “see” ghosts; they spotted potential in the protagonist and, as such, invited him to join.


Their nights consist of sorting through requests, preparing for battle, and then climbing into the company van to perform exorcisms on location.

Chizuru Fukurai is both the CEO and Editor in Chief of Gate Keepers, Inc., and word is she has a long past of exorcising ghosts. Her true colors, however, are still a mystery.

Creator Introduction


A game creator who portrayed youth and battles in the game “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Denki” and constructed the world of the “underground supernatural story.” The worlds he creates contain deep storytelling, and critically acclaimed character-making, and even to this day have a large fan base.


He personally formed the development team, Team CRAZE. He’s a producer who focuses on adventure games and is best known for the Akagawa Jiro Sound Novels such as “Majotachi no Nemuri” and “Yasoukyoku.” Recently, he is known for his worldwide hit “Deadly Premonition.”


An illustrator who gained a large female fanbase through such titles as “Uta no Prince-sama” and “Aquarion Evol.” In this title, she challenged herself in a new genre depicting youth within an underground supernatural story. You will enjoy a new and refined “Kurahana Touch” molding the attractive characters.


The world renowned game music composer. He created the music for the “Final Fantasy” series, and set the tone for their world. He also channels his energy into producing artists. In 2000, he has received the Japanese Golden Disk award’s Song of the Year for Faye Wong’s “Eyes On Me.” In 2001, “Time Magazine” introduced him as an “innovator for music.” For this game, you’ll be blasted in each episodes’ opening with a rock sound reminiscent of Led Zepplin’s style.


A filmmaker who handles a wide range of entertainment from planetariums to movie creation. For this title, he will be using a completely new animation style called “GHOST.” This will convey the character’s subtle movements, such as breathing. It is far removed from still images, and you can constantly see the flow of time.