EQUIP (Equipment)

When changing equipment, first choose the character, then which piece you would like to change. Then choose the item you would like to switch it with from the equipment list.TX_GP1a

Customizing the Soul Device

Select [SOUL DEVICE] to view the Base information, where you’ll be able to check the status and level of each grid. You can equip Elements on the Free grid, and further along in the story you’ll be able to switch out the Master Core.

Change Element

The Element List appears when you select an unlocked Free Grid. You can switch categories with the L Button/R Button. Choose the Element you want to use.

Grid Attribute

On Grids that restrict attributes, you can only insert Elements of a matching attribute.

Changing the Master Core

Select the Master Core to make the Master Core list appear. Choose the Master Core you want to use.


You can check the status of each character as well as their X-Strike and X-Drive Skills.

Soul Ability

You can switch to showing the Soul Ability with the triangle Button. You receive Soul Points for each character as you progress through the story and watch Friendship Episodes. Get enough points, your Soul Level goes up, and you’ll be able to use a variety of Soul Abilities.

Stats (status points)



A Social Networking Service app for Xiphones that is widely used. It utilizes features such as Mail, Chat, and Murmur, and you can even see information about your friends or check recipes. Select the page, [Folder] > [Article] to view the description.

  • Main: Check the story outline and the next objective
  • Quest: Keeps record of all of the main story and accepted quests
  • Battle: Check your battle history, results, and information on previous enemies
  • Friend: View information about your party, school friends, acquaintances, and allies
  • Recipe: View details about past food creations. If you have the recipe and ingredients, you can Create Food Items. Depending on the cook and the amount of experience they have, the final cooked item may differ
  • Book: View magazines, novels, or other literary works
  • Voice: View your history (max 50 lines) for active voices and voice mails
  • Help: View information about System Basics, controls during battle, and Battle/Stage elements