A personal terminal that became popular 10 years ago. It can be used to call but it can also be used for other high-end information services. It has many apps for SNS, Games, and many more, and it is wide spread throughout the market. It has the function to check and synchronize the holder’s biological information with the holder, and there are many services and security systems that are being developed that utilize this function.


A phenomenon that occurs when reality and another world overlaps, which creates a singular point called the “Eclipse” as its starting point. Some of its distinctive features are how this other world appears in the form of a “maze”, how occurrences in reality triggers the gate, and how there are monsters known as “Greeds” that lurk in it. Most of the time the public cannot see the Eclipse, and it is usually handled as an unknown disappearance, mysterious natural disaster, or as an urban legend or a scary tale.


An unknown enemy that wanders around the dungeons of the Eclipse. There are many different types, figures, and sizes, but no one has yet to confirm their biological activities, their growth, or how they reproduce. People say that it may be a ghost or a life form from another dimension created by someone.

Soul Device

A special armament that could only be brought forth by those who involved themselves with the Eclipse known as “wielders”. There are endless varieties to its form, and there’s not a single one of the same kind in existence. It’s made from materials from the Eclipse and spirit particles, and it can deal effective damage to Greeds which take almost no damage from physical attacks.

Tokyo Earthquake

The great earthquake from 10 years ago that occurred in the center of Tokyo.

On March 15, 2005, 11:38 am, there was not a single cloud to be seen when suddenly the sky was consumed by the scarlet red. Immediately after, an earthquake of M7.5 hit the whole Tokyo area. As intermittent aftershocks continued, there were fires, tsunamis, and poison gas coming out of the ground, as well as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and cold waves and other regional disasters all over the area.

22,000 deaths and 7,000 missing, these numbers were shocking and it casted a dark shadow upon not only Tokyo, but all of Japan. But during the 5 years after the earthquake, Tokyo’s reconstruction plan has made the city’s infrastructure stronger than ever before, and the disaster is now starting to become a thing of the “past”.


A mysterious organization that commands agents with unusual powers. They take the stance of “managing the Eclipse” and actively work within the underbelly of society. They have connections with magicians, psychics, and magic item crafters all around the world.


A union of 12 major firms that have led the world’s economy and agriculture since the major technological innovation 70 years ago. By taking the stance of “using the Eclipse”, they have an influence that is beyond that of a nation, but they do not publicly intercede often, even for national affairs. Nemesis and Zodiac frequently work together, though they occasionally clash over issues regarding the Eclipse.

Orbal Network

A data processing/networking system that was proposed and lead by Zodiac 20 years ago, that immediately spread around the world after their test run in the United States and Japan. It is now the most common network around the world, and it has since become an essential part of the social infrastructure. There are mysterious aspects to its basic architecture, and it seems that Zodiac, Nemesis, and other organizations take part in it in some way.


The current most popular 5 member idol group. Their charm is in their true talent in singing and cute dance moves. They have gathered the attention of not only idol industries, but of music scenes as well.

It originally began as a 3 member group that were classmates in their training school including Rion, but last year 2 new members joined in. As they began once again as the new and improved “SPiKA”, their popularity sky rocketed. They gained more popularity as their hit song “Love Shooting Star” was used for the theme song for the TV anime, “Magical Girl Alisa”.

The original 3 members are rivals who competed against one another since the days from their training school. Although they rarely have the opportunity to hang out together in private due to their busy schedule with lessons and school work, it does not mean that they do not get along. During sad times they encourage each other, and would scold one another when one feels discouraged. The 2 members that joined later are also getting along officially and privately, and they respect their senior members as they support each other.

Church of the Holy Spirit

A worldwide religion primarily worshipped throughout western countries. The church fears how the Eclipse could influence the real world, so they secretly operate an order of knights known as Kronos Orden to keep watch, and seal the Eclipse when necessary.

Kronos Orden

A team of knights unofficially operated by the Church of the Holy Spirit. They take the stance of “sealing the Eclipse”, but their identities and activities are shrouded in mystery. The members are known as Seal Knights, and they can always be identified by their white shrouds. The underworld considers them to be similar to grim reapers and keeps a cautious distance.

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