Morimiya City

A central business district located on the outskirts of Tokyo in the Tama area with a population of approximately 400,000 people. Other than its massive shopping district, the city also has business districts and government agencies as a subcenter, as well as areas with preserved historical buildings and old cityscapes.

For public transportation, there are 3 rails at Morimiya Station, both national and privately owned. For the past 8 years there has been a New City Transportation System (monorail) that runs between the Saitama, Tama, and Kanagawa regions. At the northwest corner of the city, there are also nationally owned facilities such as the Morimiya Memorial Park.

Morimiya Academy

A historic co-ed high school. The main building contains all three years’ classrooms. The satellite building holds classrooms for special purposes and a library. There are additional facilities such as the clubrooms, a cafeteria, and an indoor pool built alongside the club house.

Kokonoe Shrine

One of the old historic shrines in the Tama area where Kou’s grandfather, Sousuke works as a priest. It’s an old-fashioned shrine surrounded by trees, but it is actually connected to the “Grand Murakumo Shrine” which has hundreds of branch shrines all over the country.

It is considered as a holy place and well liked by the local residents. Just outside the shrine area, there is the Kokonoe house where Sousuke and his granddaughter Towa live. At the dojo that is built along with the house, you can sometimes see students that are learning the Kokonoe Style martial arts.

Station Square

Located at the center of Morimiya City, it is a big open space connected to the entrance area if the station building where you can find the Morimiya Station. As the main travel method in Morimiya City, there are always people coming in and out day and night. The big arch is a symbolic monument which is also a very popular spot for people to meet up.

There are many public transportation systems gathered here such as the Tama Monorail, the Bus Station, and the Subway. Because there are big retail stores such as “Star Camera” and “Books ORION”, there are many students that stop by the Station Square after school.

Star Camera

A big retail store that has chains located nationwide. Star Camera sells a variety of products such as Xiphones, Games, and Music CDs, from different makers including the “Hokuto Group” and “Amano Industries”.

Shopping Street

A local based shopping street with a slight nostalgic atmosphere. After going through the old fashioned arch written “Morimiya Shopping Street”, you will enter the main street. You can find most of your daily necessities here such as the vegetable store, meat shop, hardware/blacksmith, and sporting goods. Kou’s friend Ryouta and his family lives in, Ibuki Grocery located in this shopping district. Because of that, it is an area for Kou and Shiori where all their old friends and acquaintances live.

Brick Alley

An elegant, western style alley that is within a walking distance from Morimiya Station. It has a retro yet stylish atmosphere to it, and is gathering the attention of not only young people but from people of all ages.

There are many stores popular amongst cognoscentes such as the cafe “Coffee 17” where the owner brews his home-roasted coffee, the boutique “Nomad” where they have the most advanced fashion items, and the antique shop Le Coultre where Kou works part time.

Acros Tower

Morimiya City’s landmark built 3 years ago with the cooperation of Tokyo, Morimiya City, and the Hokuto Group. It’s also a popular tourist spot, and people claim that the view from the Sky Lounge is Kanto’s best and you can see the whole of Morimiya City.

There are many commercial stores and cultural facilities such as the “Acros Shop” on the 1st floor, and the “Mormiya City Art Museum” on the 10th floor. They plan to hold the 3 year anniversary live for the idol croup “SPiKA” at the “Acros Theater” on the 20th floor.

Nanahoshi Mall

There are so many unique stores that people say, “Go to the Nanahoshi Mall if you’re looking for Subculture”. It’s a 2 story mall and is always bustling with different types of crowd.

There are many stores such as the thrift Store “Joujima Musen” where you can upgrade equipments, “Pixus” where they sell Cosplay products, the Animate Morimiya Store where they sell goods associated with “Magical Girl Alisa”, and model and toy Store “Kotobukiya” where they sell special accessories.

Kamiyama Hot Springs

An old Japanese style inn located at the foot hills of Kamiyama, which is located at the borderline of Saitama at the North East of Morimiya City. It is known as a “well known hot spring” that is known to have hot spring water that has miraculous powers. It is also a famous Power Spot.

Various facilities such as the lobby with a Japanese modern design and the annex “Hoshimi-so”, open-air bath “Tsuki no Yu”, and the refined courtyard brings many people from out of town coming back again.

Morimiya Memorial Park

A nature-filled memorial park located at the western part of Morimiya City. There’s a walk way that surrounds the big lake in the center. It is also a popular place for people to gather to go for a run, or as a dating spot.

You can purchase snacks and drinks at the outdoor café and the Crepe store next to the walk way. There is also a Skate Park where young people gather to challenge difficult courses with their “Skateboards”.


Morimiya’s largest entertainment district located at the east part of Morimiya Station. There are stores such as Japanese style taverns, clubs, pubs, and it is especially bustling during night time. There are facilities such as Cafe Bar “N” which is one of the places Kou works at for part time, Pawn Shop “Daikokudou”, and Arcade “Oasis”. At the arcade, you can enjoy playing various mini games.

On the other hand, it is also the area where the “Takahane Family”, a crime group with Gotou as their leader, and delinquents lurk so it is unusual to see students from Morimiya High School walking around during the evening.

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